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  • Is There Any Difference Between PPC And SEO Keyword?

    I suppose, many of you will be under great confusion as you were unable to differentiate PPC (pay per click) and SEO keyword. Many think that the keyword analysis strategies for both the cases will be same. Before making any keywords, you need to remember that the keyword margin for SEO will be longer but […]

  • Bing Have Experimented On More Than 10 Blue Links in a Page

    Bing is now experimenting on new strategies in order to benefit their users to a greater extent. Initially Bing was supposed to show seven search results in a page for every search. Now they are experimenting to display ten results in a page. A great effort is taken in order to provide an effective search […]

  • Need To Speed Up Your Website? Some Tips for You

    There are many who get frustrated when their site requires more time for loading. Here are some simple tips for them which are being forwarded after deep analysis. Choosing the best server for hosting is the first and important step. Expires headers will intimate the users to obtain resource from browser’s cache. When this expires […]

  • How to Determine the Authority Websites for Attaining Links

    Actually obtaining links is quite easy if you don’t care much about their authority. But once if you start to have a concern for their authority, your searching strategies will be widened. This authority is nothing but the trust of a site.In bygone days, it was quite easy to know about the authority of a […]

  • Facebook to Remove Fake Page Likes

    Facebook is the crackdown on fake Facebook like, and will now remove caliber acquired by malware, compromised accounts, duped users or purchased in bulk like from Facebook marketing companies. Showing your Facebook I like Earl are fashion.  There is an all out race between the brands to increase Facebook likes on Facebook pages with the […]

  • Facebook: 3.2 Billion Likes & Comments Every Day

    Facebook Users Worldwide In an effort to tout its advertising programs, Facebook shares some of its current activity statistics worldwide. The plan was to show advertisers as they had a captive audience on the social network, illustrating the high level of engagement, Facebook membership and return on investment. More and more people are getting addicted […]

  • Overcome the Site Errors with Google Web Master Tool

    To benefit the web users, Google web master tools are supposed to break down site errors.  In most cases, site may tend to suffer from problems related to server connectivity. To overcome this problem Google has recently announced that their web master tools are tending to solve the site problem. This renovation is done because […]

  • Is PPC Getting Dominated By Social Media?

    A recent survey says that PPC is losing its credibility in current internet marketing scenario. The web marketing is shared by B2B marketers and B2C marketers. People of both these categories are making use of SEO, PPC and social media to promote their business through online. The only intention of using these marketing strategies is […]

  • How to Escape Panda’s slap with SEORESULTS?

    When Google’s Panda algorithm hit the online world, it was like a massacre. Many were Panda Slapped due to several reasons and one of the main reasons among them was about entertaining low quality content. The Panda Technology is like anew sign for a brighter tomorrow that we always wanted as a visitor. This is like a potential […]

  • Gamespot.com – Ethical or SPAM – How Google consider this?

    Hello , I have gone through SERP research today, and annoyed by the way Google Showing a result. I was searching for the keyword “xbox 360 controller” in google.com (Indian IP)   The Results Showed as in the Image Just Below: When I clicked the more Videos link, It goes to Video Result page for […]