Overcome the Site Errors with Google Web Master Tool


To benefit the web users, Google web master tools are supposed to break down site errors.  In most cases, site may tend to suffer from problems related to server connectivity. To overcome this problem Google has recently announced that their web master tools are tending to solve the site problem. This renovation is done because even a simple problem in sever connectivity leads to unavailability of site.

Initially the web master tools were used in site correction but the specialization in this edition is the errors are pointed out in detail. Initially web master tools pointed out the error only in group that is they never pay attention to each and every minor problem. But this version is customized to point out even the minute error in server connectivity.

Here is an example report:


If any of your sites is not accessible to the bots, the webmaster tool will indicate the error occurred in the site. This error occurs because server may be preventing robots.txt from accessing the site. The entire statistics of their failure will be tracked and displayed. The entire error details will be displayed and when the cursor is placed on any particular error, summary of the error will be displayed for their correction.


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