Bing Have Experimented On More Than 10 Blue Links in a Page

Bing Increasing the SERP resultsBing is now experimenting on new strategies in order to benefit their users to a greater extent. Initially Bing was supposed to show seven search results in a page for every search. Now they are experimenting to display ten results in a page. A great effort is taken in order to provide an effective search results for their users. These testing were held over a long period and prepared to provide effective format for online users.

The results for Bing greatly differ for different searches. For some searches they displayed about 7 results in a page. In some cases, they exhibited 10-15 search result in a page. The inner pages were also resulted with same number of searches. For example if the first page provided results from 10- 15. The second page displayed 11- 20 and page three exhibited 23-32 results. The page 4 showed up to 35-44.

It seems that they are making up some strategies to make up their result pages. Some logic is being formulated because some tend to see 18 results in a page, some 10, 11 and some even more. When this experiment get launched, in most searches Bing is standardized with their search results.


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