Is PPC Getting Dominated By Social Media?

PPC Getting Dominated By Social Media

A recent survey says that PPC is losing its credibility in current internet marketing scenario. The web marketing is shared by B2B marketers and B2C marketers. People of both these categories are making use of SEO, PPC and social media to promote their business through online. The only intention of using these marketing strategies is to attain good lead for their business. About 59% of leads to B2B and 49% of leads to B2C come from SEO.

While making comparison with other two resources PPC and social media, it highly seems that the leads through PPC have a great fall off. In both the cases, PPC leads are highly dominated by social media. While analyzing the recently created lead generating chart, about 25% of B2B and 34% of B2C’s PPC results got dropped than the prior results. The enormous outbreak of social media is now highly dominating PPC results.

These results are really tempting the online promoters to concentrate more on social media rather than PPC. Already it is a great challenge for online marketers as they possess more competitive in SEO and this slow down of PPC had made them to think about approaching their business through social media.


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