Facebook to Remove Fake Page Likes


Facebook is the crackdown on fake Facebook like, and will now remove caliber acquired by malware, compromised accounts, duped users or purchased in bulk like from Facebook marketing companies. Showing your Facebook I like Earl are fashion.  There is an all out race between the brands to increase Facebook likes on Facebook pages with the purchase of Facebook likes, to show the immense popularity of their Facebook page with the community and readers.

Facebook does not like fake likes. Facebook terms have never supported the transaction and purchase of Facebook likes. Now it seems Facebook has developed automatic methods to detect these fake likes and remove them from these pages to display a more realistic number of real Facebook likes.

On average, less than 1 percent of Likes on any given page will be removed, providing they and their affiliates have been abiding by our terms,” the company said. These just improved automated efforts will remove those Likes acquired by malware, compromised accounts, duped users or purchased in bulk likes. The use of fraudulent Likes or “Like-jacking” has become a popular method for scammers and malware authors to spread their attacks and divert users to Ad sites or malware-serving, as well as advertising affiliate pages.

Just like a click-jacking attack make users visit a page and artificially inflate traffic numbers, automated likes operations can artificially inflate the perceived popularity of a page or a company, which allows the attacker to collect a higher rate of affiliation by an advertiser. Facebook noted that any effort to buy, sell, or otherwise artificially generate “Like” activity on the site is a violation of its terms and conditions.

These improvements to our site integrity systems benefit both users and brands alike,” the company said. Users will continue to connect authentically profiles and pages you want to subscribe to, and pages will have a more accurate measurement of the number of fans and demographics.


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