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Hello ,

I have gone through SERP research today, and annoyed by the way Google Showing a result. I was searching for the keyword “xbox 360 controller” in (Indian IP)


The Results Showed as in the Image Just Below:

xbox 360 controller

When I clicked the more Videos link, It goes to Video Result page for the exact search “xbox 360 controller”. And the result of is on top of the search.
The exact URL is on top #10 in everything search and top #1 in Video Search.



The question is how they came on top of the search for video results for “xbox 360 controller” as the page doesn’t have any video in it?

xbox 360 controller




When we look the results in local search, there is no video play button option in the image.

Google Result for xbox 360 controller

” more videos for xbox 360 controller”  option is missing in the image. 
When we look into to the source code of the webpage, it loads some flash player and it was no where inthe page for end user. Is it somewhat hidden content so called SPAM? or What?

How Google crawl this and showed on top ?

1. If you closely look into the image of the videos results, other videos are originally video URLs from youtube, but expect this
2. And Other videos has the time duration of the videos, but this one shows nothing.
3. Indian result shows as video and USA result shows as image.  Why this controversy in showing same results in different location.

Let me know is that ethical way to get top positions which accepted by GOOGLE or Is this simply a SPAM ?

Waiting for your comments…..



Senthil and Owen
SEO Analysts


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