How to Escape Panda’s slap with SEORESULTS?

When Google’s Panda algorithm hit the online world, it was like a massacre. Many were Panda Slapped due to several reasons and one of the main reasons among them was about entertaining low quality content. The Panda Technology is like anew sign for a brighter tomorrow that we always wanted as a visitor. This is like a potential stopper for content farms, plagiarism and duplications that was eating up the online industry. No one will like to see their content being used by others for material gains without giving due credit or proper permission from the original writer. Panda is certainly one of the important updates that Google had given for the goodness of several valuable websites as well as users who search for quality contents.

Survive from Google Panda Slap

This article is not about escaping the slap but about making your website more search engine friendly without cheating it, learning to stay friendly is far easier than learning to cheat the blow. If you have noticed the sites that were Pandalized, you will be able to discover that they were using black hat SEO techniques to fool the search Engines. It is easy to cheat and get the desired results in a very short term but, the billion dollar question is about retaining it and standing the test of time when updations like Panda happen. The algorithm has changed the fate of several websites that were enjoying top rankings with duplicate content and has focused on highlighting quality sites with original

We can call this as a victory for a few websites that refused to compromise on the quality of its content for SEO benefits. Though you might feel that the changes that Panda had enforced is makes no difference, it is important to dance to its tune until Panda continues to be in service. If your website is Panda Slapped, it is important to get up and get going. The reputation of the website is calculated carefully by this technology and thus websites having duplicate content is hit. This new algorithm is nothing new basically, we can call is as a pinch of extra salt or a little extra
flavoring done on top of the old recipe. Google keeps doing overhaul of its algorithm every now and then we had updates like Florida, Vince, Mayday and now it’s the turn of Panda. You can call Panda as a filter that Google is using to filter out low quality pages that might not be useful to its visitors; Google is always fighting hard to give its visitors the best possible experience. As we had informed above, it is not just about escaping the Slap of Panda but also about recovering from the hard hit. If you want to be precautious about the slap then, it is better to stop any unwanted
content farming or duplicate content usage in your website or blog. This is the best possible way to get the rank that you deserve and stay satisfied and diplomatic even if there is any other powerful update from Google in the future. It is smart to keep your website user friendly and as genuine as possible if you like to stand the test of time.

Remember that it will take some time to recover from Pandalization even if you had taken all necessary steps to clean your website. Until next time the Panda scores were assessed, it is not possible to see any changes in your ranking status even if you had made all the changes immediately after knowing about the hit. How can you do all these changes in your website and make it clean and fresh to regain its position? With SEORESULTS, you can see it happen! The expert help that you will enjoy here is something that is seen beyond a normal SEO service for you. Recuperating from this situation can be made easier with our expert team who work day and night to analyses your website completely.

Specialized content writers will help you give high quality content that is needed for your website and remove any low quality stuffs that are unsafe for the website. If you want your website to recover from this problem, it is important to make your website a place that your visitors would enjoy being and trust giving their banking details, if you sell something to them. When your website is not trust worthy and is not enjoyable, it ultimately means that the value of your website is low. The look, design and user experience is what you will have to improve if you need better ranking. You will get to know what is best for your site from our expert team; get engaged with us to enjoy your online expansion in next to no time.


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