Engagement Tips for Different Social Media


Social media marketing is considered to provide a great support for online business. This is because more people in current scenario were highly engaged with social media sources. Thus it is a better platform to reach people with in short interval of time. The other great advantage of this medium is they never differentiate large business and small business. Since this medium consists of more engagement they can be used to reach targeted customers.

There are many social medium sites and their approaches for reaching their audience greatly varies. Here are some suggestions and tricks to attain engagement in Facebook, twitter and Google plus.


This is a social medium site which allows business people to create a page in order to promote their own brand. These pages can be used to make open and personal relationship with customers.

Facebook Engagement Tips

  • To make a good reach, you are supposed to post at right time. A survey says that Facebook is highly used during the weekdays and 11 am – 4 pm are considered to be the peak hours.
  • To make more interaction and to understand the needs of customer, questions can be raised.
  • Don’t post your thought just by words. Videos, images and graphics can be used.


Twitter is considered as a playroom in which people are supposed to express their thoughts within 14 characters. This is highly used by celebrities, business people and many others to create popularity.

Twitter Engagement Tips

  • While using twitter you need to show attention to hashtags.
  • “RT” can be used to attain more followers. If someone re-tweets your post, entire friends in his list will get explored with the post. Thus, it will make a good reach.


It will be really interesting to work with Google+ as they are professional as well as playful. By using Google+ one can differentiate people under various groups. And these groups can be used for sending targeted messages.

Google+ Engagement Tips

  • Circle features can be used to group people in your listings.
  • Prefer more engagement. You can also share links on your page.

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