Draw In Organic Traffic To Client/Your Website. Here Is The How-to!!

Why do you think almost all of the bloggers shop links? What could be the most possible reason other than being marked up with Google’s page rank! For any website, page rank always depend how many back links you have purchased from sites which really has good page rank than your site (The site for which you are trying to build backlinks) These was the process followed and are also still followed by some bloggers in anticipation of getting good page rank. But unfortunately, Google has changed it way if tracking those traces of natural and artificial links after the update of Google Panda. And it’s time to stay updated.


There are certain criteria by which natural links can be spotted out. Back links should not be hacked or purchased in a way which is illegal. Google by now is aware of the difference between natural and artificial links and that is what the recent Google updates states too. Once your website is found with illegal links, your business will be penalized.  This could actually bring down your site’s PageRank.

At the same time, if you are trying to blog something different, while you purchase special blog for it with relevant domain, that can be tagged into niche blogging. Too much of niches in your blog/website may also warn search engine crawlers indirectly to blacklist your blog/website. Lastly, what we would tell you is, you can focus only on two or more niches a time (30 Days Cycle). Once your blog/website gets little popularity, you can blog more number of niches. Good luck.

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