Reputation Management

Reputation Management:

Reputation means- what is generally believed about the person, organization or a thing? Your good reputation can be damaged in any level by anyone in the internet. Creating such scam about your websites or spoils the name of products can be done neither by your enemies or your competitor. So Reputation Management is the process of knowing what the people are thinking or feeling about your organization and correcting the false view among the people.

Companies are the big assets to the business owners. Each owners target to achieve their goals in sales and increase the level of profit and bring the company to top position. Today popular advertisement is promoting the company’s website in search engine optimization. Each company became competition with other companies. A person finds easiest way to throw scam views about the particular company in the internet to bring down the level of the company in marketing place.

After the companies post their website in search engine optimization, the search engine optimization promotes review page to the visitors to throw their views about the website, product or services. This is the area where people from any destination can post their feedback. It helps the particular website to high visiting ranking or bringing the bad opinion about the product or services in the market.

Small or big businesses are identified only through feedback in the internet. What single feedback posted on your website decides about your business in good or bad. Thus reputation management is the process of identifying the views of your organization among the people and bringing awareness to the destroyed opinion. The following explains the area of the reputation management:

1)   Identifying the people opinion

2)   Creating  brand image

3)    keep safe from danger of your business

Reputation management can be divided into the following three categories.

1)   Building: It just building the reputation management to business which is started newly. The new started business should have good reputation among all and it should maintain has it grows.

2)   Maintenance: once the company holds the good image among everyone it should maintain till the end. It is also said good reputation company.

3)   Recovery: The Company which falls in bad reputation should be recover bad to good position. It is easy to bring company to bad position than good position. People bring bad feedback only through review page. if the feedback is  bad then it should bring back to good reputation in the marketing place.

Online Reputation Management:

The following are the ways to promote good reputation in the internet.

1)   Updating your blogs everyday

2)   Creating good logos to identify your company website has branded.

3)   Allowing some to write good feedback about your business in your website directly

4)   Posting your advertisement in social website like facebook, twitter etc.

5)   Using proper keywords and makes the visitors to find your webpage easily.

6)   Design your webpage very attractive and use good quality content

7)   Make it has user friendly website.